1. Product- What Product is being offering.
  2. Price- What Price the product is being offered?
  3. Place- What Place the product is offered?
  4. Promotion- What kind of promotion is being offered?
  5. Public- What is the customer base or target audience which might lead to market segmentation.
  6. Personalization- Personalization of the product to the target customers and customer segment.
  7. Packaging- Bundle of services, in case of service based product and in case of physical product shelf life of product.
  8. Protection- Guarantee, Service package, after service.
  9. Positioning- identifying and attempting to occupy a market niche for a brand
  10. Presentation-What kind of management or brand is standing behind the product.
  11. Payment- It will include the key component of forms of payment as well as the cut for the payment processors and processing of product sold.
  12. Purse- financial strength of customers or target audience.
  13. Pouch- how much % of the Purse (overall market) the company is able to capture and what is the % captured by competitors.
  14. Promise- commitment, quality, brand performance.
  15. Principles- the capital invested in the product to define the ROI, brand v, company values and principles.


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